About 'Misiek'

Misiek working the bag My name is Przemyslaw Mysiala; I am 30 years old and I come from Poland. I have been living in the UK since 2005.

Since I can remember my life has always been connected with sport. My sporting life started whilst in primary school where I trained for light athlete and became one of the top young athletes in Poland. Following this I trained in Judo, Boxing and did weight training.

The rough and complicated stage of my life came when I started college; at this time I lost my brother due to cancer. I found it extremely hard to deal with his loss and started reaching for drugs to numb the pain. However, thanks to my parents and a long year spent in rehab that deals with addicted teenagers, I managed to beat drugs and return to college and finish with flying colours. One and a half years later I decided to come back to my training with the support of my beautiful girlfriend, Magda, with whom I have my young son Junior.

This time it was BJJ and MMA and this became my biggest passion which takes up all my spare time between work and my family. I started training BJJ and MMA 9-years ago with a very good friend of mine, Radoslaw Olczyk, who was reigning champion of the world and Europe for many years in traditional karate. In the beginning there were only two of us and we were learning techniques from the internet then later our group extended from two to quite a large section. In time I started to compete but I lost my first two MMA fights; I found this to be really good experience though. My next two fights were a success and I won both, and this was the end of my time in Poland.

After 3-years of hard training in my country and then moving to the UK, I started to train in Ze Marcello's club (Brazilian Top Team) where was broadening my knowledge and skills until 2010. At this present time I am now with London Shootfighters and they are doing a great job of taking my training to the next level. During my journey with this sport I have met some wonderful people like, Ze Marcello, David Lee, Alexandre Izidro, Andrzej Ostapko, Paul Ivens, Alexis Demetriades and many others that share my passion for this sport.

Misiek training BJJ I train very hard 7-days a week; BJJ, MMA, striking, wrestling and strength and conditioning. During pre-fight period I train twice a day for a few hours per session. My fighting record is 16-7-0 each of these fights taught me something and each was equally important, I trained just as hard for each fight. I am champion belt holder of my weight division in four federations, Pro FC, Extreme brawl, Angrrr Management and UWC.

I'm a person that is open to new challenges and competitions, I know that I am good at this sport, and I want to show that to everyone. I think also that I am a good match for any opponent. I've had to work very hard for everything that I have achieved and I know that I can achieve much more because I know myself and my abilities.

My biggest dream was to fight in M-1, UFC or Bellator with the best, train with the best, and learn from the best. Now I have signed with the Bellator Fighting Championships and it is a dream come true. On January 24th 2013 if will fight King Mo Lawal, live on spike TV and I will show the world what I have been training all my life for, I'm ready and will not waste such an opportunity.

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